There are no messages in Babá‘s art. Only beauty spurs inescapable inspiration.


Contemporary Figures




Provocative. A gift for the eyes.

Beautiful shades flowing from an expert brush.


A highly regarded portrait artist, Babá is an award-winning pastelist known for her rich impressions of capricious women, animals, elegant mimes and provocative character studies. Her images are boldly hand-painted in vivid colors and textures, executed with the consummate skill of a master colorist. Babá primarily works on board and is adept at a variety of media and scale. Her fine art drawings illustrate her mastery and solid foundation in anatomy.  Art, she says, “is my performance, my stage, my theater … welcome to my fantastic world!” A rose frequently appears in her paintings of women. It is Baba’s personal signature. Babá is a Lifetime Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA) located in the historic National Arts Club in New York City. She is also a Signature member and respected juror for several prestigious art organizations. The Pastel Society of America (PSA) is the oldest, most highly regarded pastel society in America. PSA is largely responsible for the renaissance of pastels in American art. She has been a member since 1988.

I am an artist ... driven by passion ... seized by obsession ... delighted by creation ... enthralled by expression ... entranced by vision ... diverted by daydreams ... filled with emotion ... fueled by compulsion ... consumed by beauty ... blindsided by inspiration ... welcome to my spirit!
— Babá